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Design that creates value. Significantly.

the objective

Axichem is a Swedish listed company which produces synthetic versions of chemical substances. The outdated website and brand identity needed renewal. At the same time, the client, who works with respect for the natural environment, wanted it to be present in the color set we chose.

the solution

We started our work with the client by organizing workshops where we defined the brand's core values, its character and audience. We have developed a detailed brand strategy, expressed in a concise declaration: "Nature inspired. Human made"

the effect

Axichem's communication with investors and brand stakeholders is done mainly via a website, so it wasn't a surprise that just after the publication of the new identity and website, the value of the company's shares has risen to an unprecedented level at which it remains today.

This shows the real impact and value of good design on the image of brands.

3 key words